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Starting all over

Nope, it won't be a sad post about how you start all over. It's a more fresh page, a fresh view, a fresh start. Summer in Switzerland sometimes feels like a slow role-coaster: everyone is on holiday, you feel pressure to be ready for the autumn ride, you go through your personal growth, etc. - mine was being single again after a long relationship.

Why is it important on my business page? Because it impacted my speed, emotions, and plans. It gave me another kick in my precious a**.

Why do we need to be kicked sometimes in order to move on?

When I run workshops for students about personal branding or building reputation, I always say that their personal life will be always a huge part of their career path and business building. Sometimes we focus too much on a personal side, and sometimes we get on a business side not keeping the balance between both. It's uncomfortable learning to keep both on the same page. It's hard but they can't go without each other.

Each time when something happens in my life, I tend to switch to physical performance (this time it's a surf-skateboarding), and on reflection of how I will move on.

This summer is no different from other experiences in my life but different in the way that I am already experienced in being single, getting all over, feeling overwhelmed, etc. In other words - I am stronger. But yet I still need to be in such a situation to realise that I do tend to stay in my comfort zone for a while and then dive into new adventures 360. Maybe the third time will be a charm :D

Though that needs to change. Again, it's stronger for me. Step by step. Understanding your weaknesses, accepting them and facing them - are the results of such situations, and itself a heck of a little success of the day.

So. Embrace your journey, and embrace what you fear the most because only with living your life the most, falling and getting up - you go further.

Wake up the beast in you, hey!

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