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Lego as a Powerful Tool for Communication and Nurturing Creativity in the Corporate Environment

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

I am running Lego workshops for two years now, and absolutely enjoying it! Why because in today's dynamic business landscape, effective communication and creativity are crucial skills for success - Lego is my way to bring those skills to the corporate environment.

Companies are increasingly recognising the value of nurturing a creative and collaborative work environment. Surprisingly, one of the most powerful tools to achieve this is not a high-tech gadget but rather a humble childhood favourite - Lego. I am amazed when I run workshops how faces are changing when walls are going down and people are more relaxed. I love how Lego has evolved beyond a simple toy and is now being embraced by forward-thinking organisations as an innovative tool for teaching communication and getting employees into creative thinking.

Let's break down Communication barriers:

One of the most significant challenges in any corporate environment is effective communication. SEEMS -ALWAYS. Misunderstandings, lack of clarity, and poor collaboration, poor leadership leads us to wasted time, decreased productivity, and even project failures.

Lego provides a unique stage for employees to break down communication barriers in a fun and engaging way. At first, You can see how uncomfortable some of them feel but it takes a couple of hours (sometimes sessions) to break down those barriers.

Lego-based activities encourage team members, first of all, to communicate, actively listen to one another, and, finally, express their ideas in a visual manner.

By working together to build models or solve challenges, employees learn the importance of clear instructions, active engagement, and the value of effective teamwork. And sometimes, simply enjoy the storytelling. Behind every company there is a story. Right?

Nurturing Creativity with a simple tool. Did you know that I recycle Lego?

Creativity is essential for companies seeking to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. Lego offers a hands-on approach to creativity that encourages employees to think outside the box, explore different perspectives, and push the boundaries.

Lego's open-ended nature allows individuals to unleash their imagination, experiment with ideas, and develop innovative solutions to problems. Does it always fixes everything - of course not. But it gives a different perspective on solution searching.

So sometimes we do not need to search far away for a tool that would help us to motivate and encourage the team. Lego is a simple tool, right? I recycle for a second life my Lego. It's all collected from parents and Youth that do not use it anymore and have lots of spare bricks.

This mindset can then be transferred to their work, enabling them to approach challenges with fresh perspectives and see solutions that are just here - around.

Encouraging Problem-Solving:

In the corporate world, problem-solving is a highly prized skill. Lego-based activities provide an ideal platform for employees to develop and nurture these skills in a stimulating and non-threatening environment. Of course, if you shout at them on too colourful building ...

When faced with Lego challenges or tasks, employees must analyse problems, strategiese, and make decisions collaboratively. They learn to identify patterns and explore multiple solutions to overcome obstacles. The biggest obstacle is communicating the idea and getting out of the uncomfortable start using Lego.

Lego also teaches as mentioned before - adaptability, encouraging employees to embrace failures as learning opportunities and refine their problem-solving abilities. Same as empathy. Not for all it will be a nice ride, it will take much more effort and concentration. In Team tasks, You very quickly feel who is who and the way the culture in the company works.

With empathy comes Employee Engagement:

Engaged and motivated employees are vital for a thriving corporate culture. Lego provides a unique and enjoyable way to boost employee engagement and nurture a positive and energetic work environment.

Lego-based activities promote a sense of playfulness and fun, that helps employees to relax, enjoy the process, and tap into their creative instincts, and personal characteristics. This playful atmosphere helps reduce stress, and sometimes better understanding of colleagues that surrounds them.

In all, I am an absolute fan of Lego both, for the corporate environment and for entrepreneurs!

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