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Your Pain = Creativity

I think by now we have all heard Miley Cyrus' new song - Flowers. It goes on my playlist as the TOP one at this moment too. Though I know it shall pass. But my point is more about the Beast of Pain and Creativity.

When I am down or something happened significantly my creativity goes beyond my expectations. I can work through the night, early mornings, and late evenings and be fully concentrated n a new project. The greatest projects I have ever done were because of the pain in my heart I felt. The Beast store is one of the projects that is built on that.

Though everything is explainable: Psychological theories reason that negative emotion can enhance creativity in several ways. Most importantly, distressing feelings allow for the release of energy into work: The sublimation of anxieties into creative production is considered one of the healthiest possible ways of coping with pain.

And it's important to know that for me personally. That even if I am in pain, I work on it the way it heals me unintentionally.

Trust Your 'Snails' and trust Your heart. And hey, don't be afraid of the Beast of Pain.

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