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Why is it so hard to let go Your Beast out?

I remember at the beginning of this year, I wrote about letting go of some inner beasts - beasts of confidence, hustle, happiness, etc. - in the middle of the year, I went through a breakup and little personal ups and downs. So my inner beast stayed silent and waiting.

Why is it so hard to let them out?

One of the days at my new home (I moved to Luzern) I played with temporary tattoos. I always do that. And I ended up with thoughts, about why I still do not have any tattoos though I can even see what kind and where they would pop up.

In reality, I have so many tattoos under my skin. Same as my confidence. It's there. I know it. The question is, how on Earth to get that one beast out? Cause with that one - all others will step out too.

This week I had a mentoring session with two students (that's part of the Personal Development Programme at the college), and I got a question "How do I deal with something I never did and have the confidence to do that?"

My answer was: learning by doing. You fall, and you pick up yourself, learn from that mistake and go again. You work hard until you get to the point where you feel - I am where I need to be or I know how to do what you chose to do.

It was an easy answer for me because that was honest. I always picked myself up and move on and tried my best.

So, why am I always questioning my beasts? Like having little conversations with them. Is it time to let go? Is it time to pop out those beasts?

Each time I think - it is the time. But yet, I am questioning that journey. To be honest this year I did a lot with my inner creatures. We started a new journey in the new city, I asked for help (which I never do), I stepped up at my work, pushed with my business, and spread my wings.

Might be that my beasts are out, it's just they are a bit on a low volume and tone... should I say: Ok, google, volume up?" :D

How do You feel about your beasts? Are they there already?

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