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How “Human” Is Your Brand?

Let's remember. Employees first - brand second. A brand without people is nothing - just a vision. The Braze Brand Humanity Index acts as a reminder that successful marketing takes good, clean data, the right technology, and, of course, your teams—talented people with the empathy, creativity, and collaboration that it takes to make these campaigns happen.

After all, who better to understand the emotional and functional attributes that resonate with humans than other humans?

That's why I always repeat to my clients: "Brands are Human. Look around and pay attention to Your team who is part of the brand". The sad part I saw in different industries that's business owners focus so much on just the building business side that they forget they need to have a team to handle their ideas, vision, direction, tasks, etc.

Your team is your tribe.

The moment You put Your employees on a bench for a while, you do not pay attention to their needs (professional/personal) - you lose their trust and probably, loyalty.

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