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Even though I would like to say how hard my 2022 was, I should shut the heck of my mouth and just be grateful. Grateful for how teaching my year was, and the lessons that I learned were vital in the way I will control my 2023. The difference I already feel and my action speaks volumes.

Career: I have grown so much. I started my journey in Switzerland without a job, without a story. From a zero. And eventually with non existing confidence. In seven years from getting salary with train tickets - I am Global Brand & Communication Director (including in between of the role a year after bankruptcy and being without a job right after pandemic).

Communication director is the position I was craving seems forever. Freedom, creativity, stability. And guess what?! I want more. I have hunger now. At the end of the Year I stepped up in my company as 2nd in command and got into more management role. Overwhelmed - is underestimated word to describe my situation. So much to learn and being open for mistakes, criticism, and judgment. Same as such a big responsibility of overlooking the organisation, listening to the team and making sure we are on the right path.

Yes, the beast I was talking about - is out for sure.

This Year shuck me to the core of my heart how flexible I am towards other people's lives and how less I am for myself. I learned to listen to my voice, and speak up. Step by step, right?

Personal Development: A one huge change that happened - my divorce (not legal though but felt like that). It was a hard road with lots of grief: loosing a loved one, and a friend. At the end of the day, I do agree that we have grown each other and simply did not see anymore each-other in a light. There was always something to fix, to be tired of, annoyed, and angry.

I also learnt to be vulnerable to my friends. Will be honest without my friends - I would be in a deep crap. I will be always thankful for how fast, patient and supportive they were. I think patience is the biggest value I am thankful for, as I am still in process of some debts to them. I think this situation particularly pushed me to focus on my financial situation and how low my self confidence is with that.

But I think the biggest personal development I achieved: my voice. As never before I am more open about I do not like, what I want to change, and what I see.

It's weird as I started noticing how blind and deaf others are. It took me to be smacked by some lessons but the impact I got from it - is bloody amazing.

After seven years in Switzerland - I am starting a new cycle: being single, and in a new city. Not from a 0 but with a luggage of experience, and lessons. It's really on me how I will make it the most of it.

Business: Holy Moly how slow I am in my personal business. I know my thing, I have confidence and even know what I need to do but this year my focus fully was on my personal journey. Well, panic attacks were not helpful either.

I would love to challenge myself but to be honest, I would love to let myself free. I want freedom to not be judged for my decisions, mistakes and actions I chose as solutions. I think I am finally going towards that too. My Business beast is coming out too. Maybe was a bit slower as personal one but I think that big-foot was always around :)

I would love to wish myself freedom, finding my inner strength to stand up and out from the comfort zone I am in at this moment. Happy 2023!

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