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Brainstorming! The heck this storm is about?

I remember when I first time heard the word brainstorming - at first, I thought it was a joke! Like words, I create to make my thoughts more fun haha Anyways - Brainstorming quickly became my best friend and enemy. Why?

So sometimes new ideas and inspiration strike like lightning in the middle of the night, and other times we need to make the ideas happen. And oh maaaaaan it's hard. So hard that you can feel how buzzing your brains are and you get eventually a headache, Right?

So, I am using some techniques to go through the feeling of being stuck.

The best and most dangerous way is Blue-sky thinking

What's that? Thinking big. Basically dreaming and seeing elephants in the sky. Having an idea very often is about facing limitations. As a person who had (hopefully HAD) low self-confidence - I always was seeing more limitations than solutions to my ideas. It took me a while to actually let go and just dream. As an example, an online shop. Always wanted to try it out but it seems too complicated, with lots of investment, etc. NOPE. This Year I am trying it out. I am doing and facing that big scary elephant. My big foot shop is out and I am learning each day.

So thinking big sessions with ideas that might never come to life, one lightning idea could inspire a new conversation that would never happen if you limit your dreams and be open about it.

On the other hand, sometimes it might lead you to be oblivious. We tend to dream too much and we get stuck into something that might not work. As an example, I wanted to do an online conference with speakers that inspire you not to give up when you build yourself from a scratch in a new country. It was a big project, I even got a team but at the end of the day, it did not happen as I personally was not ready for such a project. So, it ended. And it's ok. Cause I have learned a lot from it.

So don't be afraid to THINK BIG. Get that bi-foot out!

SCAMPER - sounds dangerous already!

This method I found not that long time ago. It's based on the notion that new ideas come from modifying what already exists. Each letter of SCAMPER stands for a different technique.

Substitute - what parts of a process could be replace?

Combine - two products coming together to create efficiency.

Adapt - could a service be changed for a better output?

Modify - changing a process to make it more innovative.

Put to another use - could this product be used to solve a different problem?

Eliminate - what part of this process isn't necessary?

Reverse - what would happen if production was switched around?

TOOLS for Your brainstorm

BRAINSPARKER - a free APP to get your Frankenstein alive!

It's same as mind-mapping. One of my favourite things to do. Simplemind is a software that elevates the stuff you've just written down on paper. If you want to have a free app, You can try MIRO - just there you are the one who is leading the idea till the end. Though it's a great app to work in teams.

Last but not least - IDEO METHOD CARDS

it's a pack of 51 cards that demonstrates the methods that the global design firm has used to keep people at the centre of their design process. It's encouraging people to try novel approaches.

I hope it helped! See ya later, my beasts!

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