Session 2 - Preparation



- Global Brand & Communications Director for South Asia at @swissedcol

- Vice President at LivingIn Organisation

- Member of the Integration Committee at Stadt Luzern

- Founder @PetraviciuteMedia

- Marketing Director for LivingIn Publishing House

- Speaker

- Adviser @Pleinert&Partner

  • Projects were recognised worldwide by Glamour, Guardian, Vogue, etc.

  • Presidential Election & Political PR

  • Clients: UBS, Pilatus, Rigi, Stadt Luzern, etc.

  • Published two books

Session 2 - Preparation

Our programme at the second session:

- Recap of Session 1

- Your Home assignment

- Focus topic: Dealing with Personal weaknesses and failures

- Focus topic: Synergy of Personal Branding & Corporate Communication

- Surprise

- Your certificates

Link for the session 👉  CLICK HERE


Assignment: Until our next session, please by using the reflective ‘5 - steps formula’ do the ‘Your white space road map’. The path to your own white space begins right where you are, in a start position. For the first steps of this exercise, all you have to do is think, and reflect on your communication and reputation You have now—ideally with a notebook or white paper. It’s Your personal choice to share it with the lecturer during the 2nd session but it will be Your working sheet in modelling Your ‘Future Brand Pillars’.

Download the formula: '5-step formula'

Download the assignment: The Assignment

Study materials:

Please (cross-) read the two following documents until the session:


- Study material 1: A publication about Personal Branding in the new world of work.


A publication about Personal Branding in the new world of work. Reflective reading on how today’s workforce demands transparency, authenticity, individuality and recognition. How do you feel being a part of the company face?

- Study material 2: A publication on the toxic effects of Branding Your Workplace a ‘Family. Quite often with the employee's branding strategies, companies step into the ‘fine line’ of the ’We are Family' zone.

Both study materials are optional and intended to give different reflective sides of being way too close in the company's life and being not enough connected.

Additional Materials: 

Video: By Robin Arzón

Fitness expert and Peloton Head Instructor Robin Arzón teaches you how to apply the principles of endurance and strength to every aspect of life.


Book Recommendation

- 'The lesson from cases of people both keeping and losing their jobs is that as long as you keep your boss or bosses happy, performance really does not matter that much and, by contrast, if you upset them, performance won't save you.'

- 'It's not just an issue of perception., sometimes jerks are actually better at their jobs than the nice guys. Research shows some negative traits can actually make you more likely to become a leader'.

- or 'Feeling powerless actually makes you dumber'


* Sessions are prepared in Collaboration with Pleinert & Partner. 

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